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Btracking’s Automatic Driver Identification Solution Lets You Know Who’s Driving

Btracking Driver Scorecard made possible by Btracking's Automatic Driver Identification Solution

Why Do Fleets Need an Automatic Driver Identification Solution?

Driver Accountability

Making sure drivers take responsibility for their driving is crucial for implementing a vehicle use policy in your organization. Having rules is one thing, but they only work if you know who’s following them. Without accurately knowing who’s driving, your fleet might just be going through the motions of the policy without real accountability. Plus, legally, you’ve got to make sure your drivers are safe on the road.

Improve Driver Behavior

When it comes to improving how people drive, it’s all about finding the right balance. Sure, you want to focus on each driver, but you also need to think about the bigger picture—the driving culture in your whole organization. Knowing who’s driving helps you see where things might be going wrong. And by tracking driving habits, you can spot areas for improvement and give everyone a nudge in the right direction. You can even make it fun with things like driver scorecards and friendly competitions. It’s all about getting everyone on board with safer driving, without pointing fingers or making anyone feel bad.

Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity

When it comes to tracking vehicle costs, especially if your fleet’s busy with lots of different projects or departments, it’s a big deal. Using a system like Btracking is top-notch for this, but if you’re not set up with that, knowing who’s driving and when they’re on the road can still help a bunch.

Now, let’s talk about productivity. Knowing who’s behind the wheel and when they’re out and about can be a goldmine of info for your business decisions. Take, for example, a scenario where Employee A heads out for a customer visit and still has hours left in the day when they return. That’s a chance to boost productivity! Without knowing who’s driving, you’d be stuck digging through logs and paperwork. But with driver ID, you’ve got all the info you need—time spent traveling, time on-site, and even the employee’s skill set—all in one handy source.

Less Vehicle Wear

Knowing who’s driving can help save your fleet some serious wear and tear. Identifying the driver is the first step in tackling bad driving habits like aggressive braking or sharp cornering. These habits can really put the hurt on your tires and jack up maintenance costs. So, getting a handle on who’s behind the wheel is key to dealing with these issues.

And let’s not forget about your fleet’s overall efficiency. If you’ve got drivers taking out SUVs when a smaller sedan would do the trick, you’re not making the most of your assets. Knowing who’s driving lets you see if you’re using your vehicles wisely. Plus, it builds up a record of which vehicles are getting the most mileage, helping you figure out which ones might need to retire or get replaced.

How Can Btracking Help with an Automatic Driver Identification Solution?

Btracking’s automatic driver identification solution gives you multiple ways to easily ID who’s driving. We’ve got push button key fobs, RFID/HID cards, iButtons (dallas keys), and passive BLE tags.  Optionally, add a relay to prevent an unauthorized driver from opening the doors or starting the vehicle. Ask us about wireless relays, we have those too.

AI Dashcam

AI Dashcams reduce collisions by 60%. Insurance rates are lower by 25%. Safer driving equals more productivity and lower operating costs. How do AI dashcams help?

Drivers get immediate audio (and optional visual) alerts for tailgating, phone use, fatigue and more. AI can alert drivers of pedestrians about to cross, approaching a stop sign too fast, and warn of traveling faster than the speed limit on the sign they’re approaching.

And critically, AI warns drivers of potential accidents about to occur and helps the driver to take immediate action.

Fleet Managers have a Safety Dashboard with driver-facing and road-facing video streams (plus optional side and rear views). Risky driving events are all there with video clips ready to download for review. Or, search through the thumbnails and find a clip of interest.

With Driver Scorecard plus video, your managers have the necessary tools to discuss driver performance in an informed manner, acknowledge good habits, and make a real impact in coaching needed improvements.

Driver ID with a Push Button Key Fob

Driver ID Key Fob
This is a great solution with nothing to install. Our OBD II plug-in vehicle trackers come with low-energy bluetooth (BLE) installed. Each driver is assigned a key fob. Upon entering the vehicle, the driver presses a button on the key fob and the driver’s identification is passed along from the GPS tracker to the mapping platform. Now, driving and timekeeping reports can be created for drivers automatically. It’s as simple as that!

Driver ID with a RFID/HID Card and Card Reader

Btracking tracking accessories

Install an RFID/HID card reader, connected to the GPS tracker. Each driver is assigned an RFID or HID card. Upon entering the vehicle, the driver just taps the card on the reader, which passes along the driver’s identification. In many cases you can use your existing RFID/HID cards and key fobs!

Driver ID with Passive iButton (Dallas Key) and iButton Reader

Driver ID Butoon & Fob

Install an iButton reader connected to the GPS tracker. Each driver is assigned an iButton key fob.  The driver just taps a button fob on the reader and the trackers sends the identification.

Driver ID with iBeacon

Btracking iBeacon

iBeacons continuously transmit with a range up to 250 ft. Each driver is assigned an iBeacon. Upon coming in range of a GPS tracker (with BLE), the driver’s identification is transmitted to the platform. No driver action is required. Nothing to Install.


There are multiple reasons to automatically identify who’s driving the vehicles in your fleet, and Btracking’s Automatic Driver Identification solution gives you multiple ways to do it. Contact Btracking today!


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