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Thanks for a good summer of services! I received a lot of good words about how easy the website was to navigate and track the whereabouts of our employees. Next summer will get a lot more devices activated.
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Why Track Tools?

Every contractor knows the feeling when tools can’t be found, get left behind, or are stolen. It’s costly and time consuming. That is where our tool tracking tags come in handy.

Btracking takes tool tracking to the next level by integrating BLE into GPS trackers, and IoT tag locations into the tracking platform.

Small BLE (bluetooth low energy) tags can be attached to tools and portable equipment. These tags are powered by a watch-type battery that continuously beams the tag ID about 250 ft, for several years.

When your BLE-enabled GPS tracker moves within range of a tag, it transmits the tag ID (and thus the tool ID) to your platform. When it moves out of range, for example when a tool is dropped off, or left behind, the tag’s last location is continuously displayed and you and your driver receives notice. Off-vehicle tools can be located using a BLE locator app on your phone.

Another method for tracking tools is with our Mini Battery GPS Tracker. For more, see the section on Tracking Portable Equipment.

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