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Driver Communication & Cargo Monitoring App

Drivers Monitor Cargo Conditions, Tool Dropoffs. Plus 2-Way Communication & Driver Phone Tracking.

Drivers monitor cargo conditions with the DriverLink app. It provides sensor readings and reports, and alerts the Driver should conditions exceed  allowed thresholds.

Drivers get notified of tool or package dropoffs and pickups, with an alarm if when an item is left behind.

It’s also a direct 2 way line to your fleet manager.

DriverLink is also a GPS phone tracker. Turn this option on and it  provides real time GPS locations, even speeding notifications.

Features & Benefits

Btracking Driver Link App

Tool & Small Item Tracking

2-Way Messaging

GPS Mobile Phone Tracking (Optional)

Btarcking Driver App

Cold Chain Cargo Temperature & Humidity Sensor Measurements and Alerts, Motion Start/Stop Alerts

Btracking Refrigerated Cargo Temperature Sensing & Alerts, Motion Start/Stop Alerts