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Long Life Battery Powered Trackers

Products & Specs

Thanks for a good summer of services! I received a lot of good words about how easy the website was to navigate and track the whereabouts of our employees. Next summer will get a lot more devices activated.
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Battery Powered Trackers for Trailers, Machines, Non-Powered Assets

Battery Powered  Trackers have an internal long-life battery. Internal batteries can be replaceable or rechargeable. 

There are no secrets to battery life. Generally, the larger the battery, the longer it lasts. A given battery can only provide power for a certain amount of messages, so more often it sends messages (locations) to the platform, the shorter the battery life.

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2 ways to buy. Your choice!

Battery Tracker

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BB730 Battery Trailer Tracker

Battery Powered Asset/Trailer Tracker

Tough, Durable, Long-Life Replaceable Battery

BB491 Battery Trailer Tracker*

Ultra Long Life Battery Powered Asset/Trailer Tracker

Up to 10 Year Life Replaceable Battery

BB521 Mini Rechargeable Battery Tracker*

Rechargeable Battery Tracker, Wireless Charging, Sensor Support

Small Size, Long Life Rechargeable Battery

BB200T Mini Battery Tracker*

Replaceable Battery Tracker for Harsh Conditions, Sensor Support

Thin Footprint, Ideal for Packages, Covert Installations

BB300 Mini Battery Tracker w/ Built-in Magnet Mount*

Replaceable Battery Tracker, Multi-Technology Location

Small Footprint, Great For Trailers, Autos, Containers, Small Machines/Tools, Pallets

BBTMX Battery Tracker w/ Temp Sensor

Rechargeable Temperature/Humidity Monitor & Location Tracker

Advanced Standalone Unit for Portable Temperature & Humidity Monitoring with Location Tracking

Replacement Batteries

Replacement Battery Pack for Trailer Trackers