School Bus Tracker & Student GPS Tracking

School Bus & Student Tracking, Passenger Transit

Leading School Bus Tracking System for Safety and Accountability

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School Bus Tracker, Student Tracking, Passenger Transit

Our comprehensive solution for school bus, students and passenger transit prioritizes safety and communication.

Real-Time GPS Tracking: We provide real-time GPS tracking for school buses, enabling school administrators to monitor their exact locations at all times. This ensures efficient routing and timely pickups and drop-offs.

Dashcams with 360 Surround: Enhance safety with forward facing and inside cameras, and optional 360 degree exterior camera views

Student Identification: Students can be equipped with BLE tags or RFID cards for easy identification and tracking when boarding and disembarking from the bus.

ParentLink App: The ParentLink App communicates bus location with live ETA updates and alerts for delays or schedule changes.

Accountability and Communication: Our system promotes accountability by providing detailed records of student attendance on school buses. In case of emergencies or incidents, administrators can quickly identify which students were on board and notify parents accordingly.

Route Optimization: Our system can build optimized routes to enhance smooth and reliable transportation services. Pick the right school bus tracker or student tracking solution for you below. 

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