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Strategic collaborations significantly influence every company’s path to growth. At Btracking, our partners are pivotal in defining our identity, driving our success, and fostering our clients’ growth. Our many tracking solutions emphasize the importance of technology in every project, ensuring seamless integration and positive results to help protect and grow your business. Collaborating with top-tier leaders, Btracking remains committed to being resolute and continually striving to implement innovation-tracking solutions now and into the future.

Direct Communications Solutions

DCS provides business solutions with intelligence, creativity, logical and innovation strategies that improve business efficiencies, productivity, reliability and profitability.


CalAmp provides flexible solutions to help organizations worldwide monitor, track and protect their vital assets. We enable transportation and logistics, government, industrial and vehicle manufacturers to improve efficiency, safety, visibility and compliance using best-in-class SaaS solutions tailored for their business.

Wireless Links

Over and above WirelessLinks innovative products and superior Fleet Management and Vehicle Fleet Tracking System functionality, one of WirelessLinks key differentiators is their product reliability and unparalleled customer support. As evidence of our hardware reliability, a few thousand of our first-generation GPRS units, released in 2002, are still in use today! They don’t break, so customers have no reason to replace them.

Teltonika Logo


Our exceptional skills in being a fast and flexible partner reflect our needs to be closer to our clients in every world region. Long-standing experience, reliable supply chain, highest technology process models stand for our ability to produce millions of IoT devices to our clients. We aspire to become one of the global leaders of providing unique IoT solutions that contribute to making people’s lives easier. We are open-minded to conclude the environment to the creative, ambitious work professional in Lithuania and the rest of the world to grow and contribute towards our Mission.


Orbcomm delivers intelligent solutions for a diverse customer base spanning transportation, supply chain, warehousing and inventory, heavy equipment, maritime , natural resources and government.

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Position Logic

Position Logic Location-Based Services solutions are hardware-agnostic, and have been integrated with hundreds of tracking devices from leading manufacturers to support to a broad variety of location tracking use cases.


T-Mobile is a major telecommunications company known primarily for its mobile phone services. As one of the largest wireless network operators in the United States, it offers various services, including voice, messaging, and data across an extensive network. T-Mobile is recognized for its innovative approach to the wireless industry, particularly in pricing and contract structures, which has disrupted traditional models. The company is also noted for its vital customer service and marketing strategies. T-Mobile has been involved in several significant mergers and acquisitions, most notably with Sprint Corporation, which further expanded its reach and capabilities in the wireless market. The company continues to invest in expanding its network infrastructure, including the rollout of 5G technology, to provide enhanced connectivity and services to its customers.

Queclink logo


We empower businesses worldwide by designing original IoT solutions that allow them to discover the possibilities within the connected world. Our IoT solutions are continually improving to meet our customers needs now and in the future. Headquartered in China, our employees are motivated by the opportunities to impact the world with IoT innovations. Across industries, from agriculture to transportation, our local teams are collaborating with our customers to ensure their success – for when they succeed, so do we.

Advanced Tracking-Solutions logo

Advanced Tracking Solutions (ATS)

ATS is the preferred distributor for Sensata/Xirgo Technologies’ innovative, full-featured, application-specific wireless IoT communication devices. ATS offers its customers a high-quality modular design to meet the needs of many vertical market applications. With rapid time-to-market solutions, ATS customers can improve operational efficiencies and costs allowing businesses to be more competitive and profitable in their industry. ATS is a leading provider of B2B GPS asset tracking products distributing products domestically and internationally.

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TOPFLYtech was founded in 2012, situated within Tsinghua Info Hub, High-Tech Park in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. We are a professional company focused in researching and sales of telematics facilities and cloud based platforms.

We are dedicated to tracking and management of vehicles, assets, human and animals, building an intelligent environment involving interconnection of all things. We provide a competitive solution that ensures safe, secured and trustworthy product from terminal to cloud.

Core members of our team hailed from world renowned communication companies. Their in-depth expertise and experience coupled with endless pursuits of product quality and excellence yield products that meet and exceed customer requirements and results in a better world.