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Driver ELD Solutions

HOS Compliance with ELD

Hours of Service Electronic Logging Compliance

Driver ELD solutions

Hours of Service Log Compliance with DriverLog ELD

ELD Compliance With An Intuitive, Affordable Solution

Streamline operations and simplify FMCSA compliance with Btracking’s elegant driver ELD solution. Our DriverLog HOS app runs on any smartphone or dedicated tablet to smoothly manage your driver log book.

Btracking provides 3 methods to transmit and sync HOS and vehicle data to the platform.

Features & Benefits

HOS DriverLog App

Your Personal Driver ELD Log on a Smartphone or Dedicated Tablet

Btracking Driver ELD log

Roadside Inspections

Driver ELD platform view

Fleet & Compliance Managers

Driver ELD for fleets

3 Methods to Transmit HOS Compliance Data

Method 1 - GPS Tracker with WiFi

Btracking Driver ELD

Method 2 - GPS Tracker with BLE or USB Cable

Driver ELD with GPS tracking

Method 3 - Dedicated BlueLink BLE ELD Device

Driver ELD device with BLE