School Bus GPS Tracker & Public Transit Tracking

Track School Bus & Students

All-In-One Bus and Student/Passenger Tracking System

Btracking School & Passenger Bus Solution

Unified Bus Fleet and Passenger Tracking System

Plan Routes, Track Ridership, Communicate Bus ETA

A complete solution for schools and bus fleets to manage bus route planning and tracking, track student/passenger pickups and dropoffs, and communicate with parents.

Our system combines real-time GPS tracking, BLE tags to identify student/passenger ridership, and the ParentLink App to share live bus ETA and alerts with guardians.

Features & Benefits

Track and Protect The Most Valuable Cargo of All with Btracking

School bus GPS tracker platform

Multi-Camera Driver Visibility Safety System

btracking Multi Camer System

ParentLink App for Guardians

Real time student GPS tracker

ParentLink App for Guardians (3 Options)

Option 1: Mini BLE Tags

Student ID Tags Passenger-Mini BLE Tags

Option 2: ID Card

Btracking Passenger-RFID card - School bus tracking solutions

Option 3: DriverLink App on Tablet with ID Card Reader