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GPS Tracking and Telematics Platform By Btracking

Btracking Pro Fleet Telematics Platform

Btracking Pro Fleet is our Fleet Telematics platform for enterprise fleets and/or sophisticated requirements. Pro Fleet features a streamlined platform, dedicated purpose-built GPS hardware, integrated AI dashcams, advanced tool and inventory tracking, the LoRa yard management system and extensive BLE sensor monitoring!

Pro Fleet offers an advanced Driver Scoreboard fully integrated with video events from AI dashcams.

Our GPS tracking and telematics platform features include the DriverLink app where drivers receive detailed data on their vehicle and cargo with 2 way communication; integrated HOS ELD for compliance; fuel card integration; advanced maintenance scheduling and record keeping; route planning, dispatch and route sharing; school bus & passenger tracking with the ParentLink app for monitoring bus ETA and passenger locations; ocean container & cargo management; and ServiceTitan Integration.

Real Time GPS Mapping on Your Desktop or Mobile Device

School bus GPS tracker platform

Driver Safety

GPS tracking and telematics platform

Driver Scoreboard & Speeding Overview

Btracking Driver Scorecard

Geofences (Boundaries)

Btracking, Protect Against Theft with Geofences around yards, warehouses, and lots

Tools, Equipment, Inventory Management

GPS tracking and telematic platform - Btracking

DriverLink App

GPS tool tracking platform

Workflow Route Planning & Optimization

Btracking Route Planning Optimization Dispatch

Vehicle Maintenance & Diagnostics

Extensive Reports and Fuel Tracking with Fuel Card Integration

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