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Wireless Real Time Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Cold chain monitoring and tracking

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IoT Cold Chain Temperature & Humidity Monitoring with GPS Location Tracking

Spoilage is a constant concern for any business involved in cold chain logistics.

With Btracking you can efficiently manage the entire chain of storage, shipping, and distribution of climate sensitive products such as fresh food and pharmaceuticals.

Our IoT cold chain refrigeration monitoring system employs wireless sensors to measure, record and report temperature, humidity and location ensuring consistency throughout the supply chain. Real-time alerts instantly warn drivers and Fleet Managers if conditions deviate beyond acceptable limits.

Features & Benefits

3 Ways to Monitor Temperature & Humidity

1) Sensors Wired to GPS Tracker

6 Sensors wired to a plug-in vehicle GPS Tracker, or to a battery, hybrid or solar powered asset GPS Tracker

2) Wireless BLE Sensors with GPS Tracker or DriverLink App

Solar or battery powered sensors communicate via BLE with a plug-in vehicle GPS Tracker, a battery, hybrid or solar powered asset GPS Tracker, or the DriverLink mobile app

3) Standalone Sensors

Standalone rechargeable battery powered sensor with integrated GPS tracking

Track and Protect Valuable Assets & Cargo with Btracking

Centralized Cloud-Based Cold Chain Platform

Btracking Cold Chain Monitoring Platform

Real Time Driver & Fleet Manager Alerts

Btracking Cold Chain

Complete Selection of IoT Cold Chain Sensors

Btracking Cold Chain

Temperature Monitoring On The Package Level

Cold chain monitoring and GPS tracking

Complete Cold Chain Visibility and Reliability

Btracking's cold chain platform

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