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Plug-in Trackers

Plug-in OBDII GPS Trackers for Light Vehicles

Plug-in Trackers for Cars, Vans, Light Trucks

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Plug-in Tracker

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BP5x Series Plug-in Tracker*

Basic Driver Behavior

Btracking BTL50 SERIES

BP51 - No OBD data
BP52 - No OBD Data, BLE
BP55 - Basic OBD data, BLE
BP59 - LTE Cat 4, Basic OBD data, BLE, WiFi HotSpot

BP80A Advanced Plug-in Tracker*

Driver Behavior, Tool Tracking, Sensor Data

Btracking BTL1M1

Configurable, Enhanced Data

BP304 Deluxe Programmable Plug-in Tracker

Advanced Features, Programmable

The #1 Tracker for Light Vehicles, BLE, Extensive Capabilities, and Fully Programmable.

BT123C Basic Tracker w/ Plug-in Harness

Basic Tracker, Flexible I/O's

Btracking BTL2630 by Calamp

Options for Driver ID, Multiple Sensors. No Driver Behavior, No OBD data

BH2M1 Advanced Tracker w/ Plug-in Harness*

Driver Behavior, Flexible I/O's, Driver ID Options

Options for Driver ID, Multiple Sensors. No OBD data. Includes 12-pin OBDII Harness.

BH263 Fleet Tracker w/ Plug-in Harness

Fleet Telematics Tracker, BLE, Multiple I/O's

Btracking BTL2630 by Calamp

Driver Behavior, Options for Adding Multiple Sensors. No OBD Data. Includes 6 ft OBDII Power Harness.