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Compact Hardwired GPS Tracker

Our Most Popular Hardwired Tracker is just 1/2" wide. Hides Anywhere.

Are you looking for the smallest, easiest to conceal GPS vehicle tracker on the market? A discrete installation with minimal chance of tampering?

Look no further.

Made to fit in the smallest places anywhere, our Compact Hardwired GPS Tracker connects to any power source – not only a vehicle. It measures just 3.0 x 1.7 x 0.5 in. It’s ideal for rental vehicles, machines, wherever the situation dictates a covert installation.

With our Best-Selling Compact Hardwired Tracker, you’ll see all your vehicles and assets in real time on your Btracking phone app or desktop platform.

GPS tracking lets you see where everything is, right now. And where it’s been, where it stopped, and for how long. 

Get our most popular Hardwired Compact GPS Tracker at an unbeatable price. 2 months’ free tracking included with every purchase.

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Features & Benefits

Hardwired Compact GPS Tracker
2 Months Free

Tracking Subscription with Purchase

$ 12
per month

Easily Concealed, Tamper Resistant

Compact GPS tracker

Our Compact GPS Tracker works with any vehicle. Simply connect red to constant power, black to ground, and white to the wire that is powered on when ignition is on. It’s a simple installation that takes about 30 minutes.

If you understand low-voltage electrical systems, you can probably do this yourself. If you don’t, Btracking recommends professional installation. We’d be happy to recommend a professional installer in your area.

Our compact tracker is can be hidden in a discrete location making it very hard to find and remove.

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Why Use a Hardwired Tracker?

Considerations for choosing a hardwired tracker vs. a plug-in tracker:

Hardwired Tracker


  • Can be wired to the door, or lights, or to detect PTO (power take off, such as for a plow, tow, or mixer)
  • Can be easily concealed for discrete purposes



  • Requires installation, possibly requiring removing part of the dashboard to access
  • Requires some basic electrical expertise
  • May require a mechanic (with the associated cost) to install
  • Is wired directly to vehicle’s electrical system, not the electronics system, thus does not read or transmit engine or vehicle diagnostic data
  • Transferring to another vehicle requires is a process, removing the tracker and rewiring to the new vehicle
  • Not easy to tell if it’s working as the tracker’s LED lights are hidden behind dashboard


Plug-in Tracker


  • Installs in seconds, plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBD II diagnostics port
  • Provides engine data and vehicle diagnostics from its electronics systems
  • Easily transferred to another vehicle in seconds
  • Easy to tell if it’s working as the tracker’s LED lights are visible


  • Visible (unless hidden behind the dashboard using a Y-Cable)
  • Easy to remove by a nefarious actor (unless hidden behind the dashboard using a Y-Cable)
  • Can be impacted by a driver’s foot or knee, loosening the tracker causing it to stop sending location reports, or even bending or breaking the connector pins

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