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Tracking devices and smartphones have a GPS receiver. It obtains signals from a number of stationary satellites positioned in earth’s orbit, and the combination of these signals will allow the device to determine its location in terms of latitude and longitude coordinates. The device sends these coordinates, along with the unique device identifier, to the Btracking server through a wireless network, and this information is used to plot the device’s location on the Btracking Mapping Platform.

No. Our business model is to sell, at competitive prices (using our volume buying power), the most robust, longest-lasting GPS Trackers on the market, with over-the-air upgrading capability. Then, keep the tracking subscription price as low as possible. This way, your lifetime cost with Btracking is likely to be less than that of most competitors.

If you see low-priced trackers, one of two things is probably going on:

1) The GPS provider gets you in the door with a low-priced GPS Tracker, but charges a much higher monthly fee than Btracking. If you stay with them a couple years, you’ll actually pay far more for the tracker than had you paid the fair tracker price upfront.

2) Many GPS providers experience high attrition, so they sell low-cost trackers with minimal capabilities and a high failure rate beyond one year.

No, your Btracking subscription prices includes wireless data plans with roaming.

Yes, if you like. Just create, or let us create for you, geofences around those areas you want to be notified about, and enable an alert (email, text, or just a notice on the mapping platform). Then when a tracked item enters or leaves that area, you’ll know. Geofences can also be directly coded into tracking devices, and can be assigned automatically. Geofences can also be drawn on a route to let you know when a tracked item strays too far from that route. Geofences are ideal for sales territories, work sites, regularly traveled routes, and much more.

Yes. Set up your work schedule. We’ll create an alert so you’ll know whenever the vehicle moves outside those hours. Alerts can be seen on the mapping platform and/or sent via email or SMS text message.

GPS trackers with accelerometers and access to the vehicle’s diagnostics provide a wealth of data beyond positioning. For example, many alerts are developed based on algorithms such as accelerating or braking beyond a set parameter. Btracking encourages its clients to discuss their requirements with your representative to make sure alerts and reports match your requirements.

Yes. You can set up an “Hours of Operation” schedule for any number of groups, with any number of vehicles or individuals, and disable tracking outside those hours.

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Yes, GPS tracking can be paused. Send a request to [email protected]. There is a suspension fee of $2/mo and a reactivation fee of $20 for customers on Monthly GPS tracking. Customers on the 2 year GPS tracking plan can pause/add/reactivate GPS tracking anytime with no fee (a minimum 10 units will be billed).

Monthly tracking can be cancelled with 30 day’s notice. If a Contract is cancelled, the balance of the Contract is due immediately unless otherwise stated in the Contract. Customers on the Free Vehicle Tracker plan must return the tracker undamaged, unopened and in good working order to stop GPS tracking (otherwise a $99 buyout fee applies).

Android and iPhone. Btracking works wherever your smartphone does. If the device can get a signal, it can be tracked. Btracking works with any wireless carrier that does not block access to the GPS chipset in the phone.

Yes. Typically, Btracking will use approximately 2MB of data per month to track your smartphone.

3 to 6 months’ tracking data is instantly available online via the Mapping Platform, and data from 18 months prior to the current date that has been archived will be provided within 5 business days upon request. Data older than 18 months’ from the current date is provided upon request within 7 business days at an additional cost and subject to availability (Btracking guarantees access to a minimum of 3 years’ of data from storage archives).

Data roaming rates are determined by your wireless carrier. There is no incremental or special Btracking fee.

No. Btracking is a business tool intended to improve the manageability and productivity of off site personnel in a collaborative manner. As with any smartphone, the user can disable GPS, stop the Btracking app, uninstall it, turn off the phone, or place the phone in location where GPS and/or cell coverage is inaccessible, all of which disables tracking.

Many jurisdictions have laws and regulations that restrict or prohibit tracking without a person’s consent. Quite often, consent can be implied such as through company conditions of employment.

We are unaware of any jurisdiction that prohibits tracking a vehicle you or your business owns, rents or leases, and we unaware of any jurisdiction that prevents you from concealing a GPS tracker in said vehicle.

It is solely your responsibility to be aware of, and to comply with, all applicable tracking laws and regulations of your jurisdiction and to obtain any required consent. may refuse to provide service if, in our sole opinion, you may be in non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Please see Terms & Conditions for details.