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Monitor Trailer/Container Load Capacity, Climate, Load Up/Drop Off


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The Radar Cargo Load Management Solution

Load Percentage Detection with Climate Monitoring

Organizations transporting high-quality, valuable goods may lack visibility into capacity utilization of the vehicle, trailer or container once it leaves its origin. Approximately 40% of trailer space is underutilized and $60 trillion in goods is lost globally in annual theft. This is where our cargo load detection with climate monitoring solution comes in handy.

Btracking’s Load Management Radar H2 Gateway combined with the optional Radar A2 Cargo Percentage Load Detection and Climate Monitor is an asset monitoring system for trailers, chassis, and containers that provides utilization, location, motion, mileage, door open/close status, and cargo capacity utilization data through an online dashboard. Data is transmitted and stored securely on a cloud platform designed to maintain the privacy of user information.

Key Features

The Radar System

Radar A2 Cargo Capacity Detection with Climate Monitoring – Mounts on Door Interior

The Radar A2 wireless sensor communicates with the Radar H2. Designed for operations with trailers or containers that need enhanced cargo visibility as well as cargo, the Radar A2 includes a unique cargo-sensing capability that determines cube utilization and provides door open/close alerts and environmental data.

Radar H2 Sensor GPS Gateway – Mounts on Door Exterior

The Radar H2 is a next-gen monitoring solution purpose-built for the transportation industry’s toughest requirements. It provides reliable, actionable location and status information for trailers, chassis, containers and equipment from one device. The Radar H2 can also communicate to additional wireless sensors for a customizable and scalable solution. Flexible, discrete and easy installation, perfect for chassis, containers, and trailers.