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Mining, Oil, and Gas Equipment Tracking

Btracking offers a comprehensive solution for mining oil and gas equipment tracking.

Btracking helps to optimize asset utilization, reduce fuel consumption, and prevent theft. Never lose tools and portable equipment with our construction equipment trackers and heavy machinery solutions.

Btracking utilizes advanced analytics and data tracking to determine preventive maintenance schedules for your vehicles and equipment. By analyzing usage patterns, engine diagnostics, and other relevant data, the platform can anticipate maintenance needs before they result in costly breakdowns or downtime.

Btracking offers theft prevention features such as starter interrupt, which can remotely disable a vehicle’s ignition in the event of unauthorized use or theft, instant alarms when equipment moves.

Our SolarLock tracker with remote unlocking keeps remote assets tracked and locked. This added layer of security helps protect your valuable assets and minimize the risk of losses due to theft.

Set Boundaries around work sites and yards to get notifications when vehicles arrive or depart from designated locations.

Track Machines with Hybrid, Solar and Solar Hybrid Trackers

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Track Trucks with Telematics Gateway Trackers

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