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HVAC Service Company Stops Side Jobs and Recovers Tools

GPS HVAC Van Tracking & Tool Tracking System

The Heating and Cooling Company had a problem.

Jobs were taking longer than expected. Tools had gone missing.

The owner, Mike, like many owners in the HVAC Service business, was heavily involved in performing on site work himself in the midst of the busy summer air conditioning season. He didn’t have the time to investigate what was going on, other than assign more people to jobs, pass up some lucrative jobs, and buy new tools to replace what went missing.

Btracking got the call for help from the Office Manager.

Within a couple days, the Heating and Cooling Company had installed Btracking’s GPS trackers in all its service vans, hidden discretely behind the dashboards with Y-cables, and had begun the tool tracking system process – tagging its primary high-value tools with BLE tool tags.

It didn’t take long to see what was happening with our tool tracking system installed.

Within the first week, the Office Manager noticed one of the vans would leave a job site mid-day for several hours. Using Btracking’s unique Hot Spots feature, in seconds she was able to see the exact location where the van would spend several hours a day. A location that wasn’t a Heating and Cooling Company job site. She also noticed a couple of vans were driving at unsafe rates of speed.
So she started putting geofences around Company job sites, with text alerts to her and to Mike when Company vans entered and left the job site.

The next time the van in question left the job site mid-day, the owner was waiting at the other location. It turned out one of the site foremen was doing side jobs during the day. And using Company tools to do it, as the owner found several high-value tools at the side job site.

The foreman was dealt with in the appropriate manner and the tools recovered.

Now, with GPS trackers in every van and all high-value tools tagged with our tool tracking system, The Heating and Cooling Company has never lost another high value tool. Jobs are being completed on time. Vans are being driven safely. More jobs are being accepted and jobs are being completed on time.

Mike was actually able to take a summer vacation this year.

What to Do if You Suspect an Employee Is Working Two Jobs?

Employers must handle the situation carefully when there’s suspicion that an employee is daylighting or moonlighting. First, obtain hard proof using GPS data or time-tracking records.

After confirmation, arrange a private meeting to review concerns and get the employee’s perspective. You can then handle the employee misconduct following company policies, either through disciplinary actions or termination.

Tool Tracking System & GPS Tracking for HVAC Vans & Fleets

To learn more on how Btracking can help your HVAC Service business, call us at 866-233-0953 or fill out our form to contact us! We offer product training & support for all of our clients. If you ever have any questions regarding our tool tracking system, GPS HVAC fleet tracking, or BLE tags, never hesitate to reach out.

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