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Hybrid Trailer & Machinery Trackers

Long Life Battery Powered Trackers, Rechargeable by External Power

Hybrid Trackers for Powered Assets that may Sit Idle for Long Periods

Hybrid Rechargeable Battery Powered  Trackers have an internal long-life battery that is recharged when the vehicle or machine is powered on. When the vehicle ignition is off, the tracker is powered by its internal battery which is capable of sending messages up to 6 months or more on a single charge.

2 months FREE with tracker purchase.

100 day money back warranty.

Lifetime Tracker Warranty when Tracking Subscription is continuously maintained.

Hybrid Tracker

Tracker Purchase Required
2 months' Subscription Free


$ 12
per month

BHY283 Advanced Hybrid Rechargeable Battery Tracker

Built-in Wire Harness, Long Life Rechargeable Battery

Btracking product BTT2830

Weatherproof, Long Life Rechargeable Battery Powered Asset Tracker

BHY212B Hybrid Rechargeable Battery Tracker

Wire Harness, Long Life Rechargeable Battery

Btracking products BTW212B

Weatherproof, Long Life Rechargeable Battery Asset Tracker

BHY284 Hybrid Rechargeable Battery Tracker Extreme

Wired Machine/Vehicle Tracker for Extreme Environments

Btracking Product BTT2840

Weatherproof Asset/Trailer Tracker, Long-Life Rechargeable Battery, Extended Charging Range for Extreme Climates

BHYP Hybrid Rechargeable Battery Tracker

Hybrid Asset Tracker for Pro Fleet

Btracking Product BPHYB

Weatherproof Asset/Trailer/Machine/Vehicle Tracker, Long-Life Rechargeable Battery