Real-Time GPS Tracking

$13.95/month & No Equipment to Buy
from $12.95/month with Equipment Purchase

Protecting Mobile Assets Since 2008

Leverage Btracking’s expertise in GPS Tracking and Fleet Management. We specialize in cost-effective solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of your business. Get tracking with Btracking!

GPS Tracking

Exact location of every car, truck, trailer, tool, machine, person, 24/7 on your phone or PC. No software to install.

Instant Alerts

Text and email alerts for unsafe driving, unauthorized use, leaving a job site, and tools left behind.


100% guaranteed to track or your money back. Lifetime warranty. No contracts. Unlimited support.

Customer Service

As a family owned business, we know great customer service. Want to talk to the owner? Just call and ask.

Easy Installation

Trackers plug into the OBD port in seconds. Solar and Battery trackers easily mount with screws or magnets.

Affordable Quality

Robust hardware made by the industry’s top manufacturers at unbeatable prices.

Solutions for Your Business

Improve Safety. Reduce Costs. Welcome to Efficient Mobile Operations.

Industry Tracking Solutions by Btracking

Follow fleet and drivers, improve operating efficiency, engage employees, improve safety

Industry Tracking Solutions by Btracking

Btracking is trusted by utilities, HVAC, mechanical, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, pool servicers

Off & on site asset management, avoid losses, save fuel, increase worker safety, improve efficiency


Complete cold chain & dry load monitoring, driver safety, temperature and humidity control

Industry Tracking Solutions by Btracking

Complete bus fleet and student monitoring solution with ParentLink App for bus ETA and alerts

Industry Tracking Solutions by Btracking

Comprehensive yard management with asset and inventory tracking, temperature & humidity monitoring

Keep tabs on sales staff phones, company vehicles, job and customer visits

Monitor healthcare equipment, track organ transportation, medical providers

Keep vehicles &  heavy equipment running, monitor tools, track workers in remote locations

Quick-n-Easy GPS Tracking

Start Tracking Today With Our Most Popular Trackers at Unbeatable Prices

Plug-in Tracker

Track Cars, Vans, Light Trucks

No equipment fee

(or) $12.95/mo + 2 months free with equipment purchase

AI Dashcam

Powerful AI Technology Protects Drivers

With equipment purchase

Complete LTE fleet AI video solution with fast download, always-on, audio and GPS tracking

Mini Battery Tracker

Easy to Hide, Long Life Battery

No equipment fee

(or) $12.95/mo + 2 months free with equipment purchase

Solar Tracker

Set & Forget, Never Needs a Charge

No equipment fee

(or) $12.95/mo + 2 months free with equipment purchase


Remote Unlocking with GPS

With equipment purchase

Tough solar powered cargo lock with GPS secures remote assets

Easy Tracking Solutions by Btracking

Track a Phone

Keep Tabs on Mobile Staff

Free Phone Tracking App

No equipment needed
Ideal for staff using their own vehicle

Btracking Innovation

Check out some of our unique, advanced solutions