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We specialize in monitoring, tracking, and safeguarding your essential assets.

Global Fleet Tracking Since 2008

Leverage Btracking’s expertise in GPS Tracking and Fleet Management. We specialize in cost-effective solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of your business. Get tracking with Btracking!

GPS Tracking

Exact location of every car, truck, trailer, tool, machine, person, 24/7 on your phone or PC. No software to install.

Instant Alerts

Text and email alerts for unsafe driving, unauthorized use, leaving a job site, and tools left behind.


100% guaranteed to track or your money back. Lifetime warranty. No contracts. Unlimited support.

Customer Service

As a private company all our staff has a vested interest in our success. You get outstanding customer service.

Easy Installation

Trackers plug into the OBD port in seconds. Solar and Battery trackers easily mount with screws or magnets.

Affordable Quality

Robust hardware made by the industry’s top manufacturers at unbeatable prices.

Fleet Management Solutions
with Proven Results*

Btracking Fleet Management solutions enhance productivity, manage fuel costs, coach drivers for better safety, minimize vehicle wear and tear, streamline maintenance processes, and, most importantly, boost customer satisfaction and profitability.

* typical results self-reported by customers

Solutions for Your Business

Btracking Fleet Management Solutions are Trusted by Businesses in Over 20 Industries Around the Globe

In Fleet Management, one size does not fit all. We provide solutions that streamline and maximize the performance of your mobile operations.

Btracking Customers
• Reduce Speeding Infractions 12%
• Reduce Fuel Expenses 10%
• Lower Vehicle Maintenance Costs 8%
• Reduce Tool Loss 95%
• Improve Vehicle Utilization 20%
• Reduce Collisions 60%
• Reduce Insurance Rates 15-25%
• Increase Trailer Capacity Utilization 20%

Btracking Store

Shop the Btracking Store for great deals on our most popular trackers!

Trackers are easy to install and the platform is easy to use.

In minutes you’ll be monitoring locations of every vehicle, trailer, asset, tool and phone in your fleet in real-time, with all the data, alerts and reports you need at your fingertips!

Btracking Championing Customer Success

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Btracking Innovation

Check Out Some Of Our Unique Advanced Tracking Solutions

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