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Robust Solar Hybrid Tracker

Top of the line solar hybrid harvests sunlight or machine power to stay fully charged

LoRa Yard Management System

Long range wireless trackers communicate with solar base stations for a robust local yard management system
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Port, Airport, & Yard Management Solutions

LoRa (Long Range) wireless technology is an ideal solution for creating a cost-efficient tracking network in facilities such as material yards, ports, and airports.

LoRa technology provides long-range wifi coverage to create local tracking networks that cover large areas with minimal infrastructure. This makes it well-suited for expansive facilities like material yards, ports, and airports where traditional wireless technologies may struggle to provide adequate coverage.

LoRa tracking devices have very low power consumption, enabling long battery life without requiring battery replacement or recharging.

LoRa provides real-time exact locations of items within the facility for quick retrieval of assets, reducing search times. This allows for efficient inventory management, optimized asset utilization, and streamlined operations within the facility.

LoRa-based tracking systems help reduce the risk of loss or theft. Unauthorized movement of assets can be quickly detected and addressed, enhancing security within the facility.

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USAF Aviano Improves Ground Equipment Traceability with Btracking’s Solar Hybrid GPS Trackers

Aviano Air Base - Btracking improves airport asset tracking

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Yard management solutions and LoRa tracking

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