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Thanks for a good summer of services! I received a lot of good words about how easy the website was to navigate and track the whereabouts of our employees. Next summer will get a lot more devices activated.
American, NJ
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Why Track Phones?

Many organizations need to keep tabs on staff moving in their own vehicles or traveling by other modes. When you know where everyone is, no matter how they’re traveling, you can more efficiently and productively manage your business. 

Phone tracking is a highly cost-effective way to manage your fleet. Many of our customers actually prefer just to use our GPS phone tracker platform rather than vehicles.

Our phone tracking app runs in the background on mobile phones with almost negligible battery use. Loaded with features, tracking can be turned off outside working hours.

Features & Benefits

Real Time GPS Phone Tracker

Btracking GPS phone tracker app

GPS Phone Tracking App

Customizable Events & Notifications - Great for Timekeeping, Job Tracking

GPS phone tracker platform

Working Schedules, Turn Tracking On/Off, Location Report Frequency

Track Working Schedules

App Management Options
Administrator (Back End) or Phone User (Front End)

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