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Track Medical Equipment & Organs

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Track medical equipment and organs when it matters the most. Btracking provides a dedicated asset management platform designed to alleviate the burden on healthcare workers and enable them to focus more time on patient care.

Time Efficiency: Healthcare workers often spend a significant amount of time searching for equipment, which can detract from patient care. Btracking’s platform provides quick location data for mission-critical medical devices, reducing the time spent searching and improving overall efficiency.

Geofencing and Notifications: Easily create geofence boundaries around designated areas within your facility. Instant notifications via email or text message are triggered when equipment leaves these boundaries, allowing for swift action to locate and recover the device.

Organ Transport: Btracking’s platform assists organ transport providers tracking organs from donor to recipient in mission-critical real time.

Administrative Oversight: Administrative staff can track the location of medical equipment in real-time using Btracking’s platform. This ensures quick device location and recovery, minimizing disruptions to patient care and optimizing the utilization of expensive medical assets.

Enhanced Patient Care: By reducing the time spent searching for equipment and ensuring timely access to critical medical devices, Btracking enables healthcare workers to devote more attention to patient care. This ultimately leads to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.