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Dashcam Systems

100 day money back warranty.

Lifetime Tracker Warranty when Tracking Subscription is continuously maintained.

AI Dashcam

Equipment Purchase Required


$ 29
per month

BDS2000 AI Dashcam

2 Camera, 4 Channel, GPS Tracking

BD2020 Dashcam

2 Camera, 4 Channel, Integrates via WiFi with Telematics Gateway for Video + GPS + OBD Data

Btracking Dashcam PRO BP2020 AI

BD9000 AI Dashcam Series

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence System with GPS Tracking

Btracking dashcam BTD9000

Artificial Intelligence Cameras Analyze Driver and Road, Provides In-Cab Visual/Audio Driver Feedback for unsafe driving behavior

BD9010 - Basic System with mDVR, Driver & Road AI Cams, Driver Alert In-Cab Feedback Display only

BD9000 - Complete 5 Camera Vehicle Surround System - mDVR with Artificial Intelligence Driver & Road Cams, Driver Alert In-Cab Feedback Display, Rear Cam, 2 Side Cams, In-Cab LCD Screen