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Delivery Services, Pallets & Packages

Delivery Van Tracking, GPS Pallet & Package Tracking, and Driver Communication

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We have been using Btracking for several years now. The tracking is easy to set up. It is a valuable asset for keeping vehicle maintenance records. Customer service is very responsive to questions and resolving problems.

Delivery Services, Pallets & Packages

Btracking has all the tools you’ll need to manage your delivery service.

Van Tracking: View every delivery vehicle in real time, monitor driver behavior, get vehicle data and diagnostics.

Plan & Optimize Routes: You can create routes, optimized them, assign vehicles and drivers, follow completion, make changes on the fly, and communicate with drivers with the app.

Pallet & Package Tracking: Btracking offers multiple ways to track pallets & packages. Affix a BLE tag to get pickup notices, track the pack age when it’s on the vehicle, and get drop off notices and locations. Or, put a mini battery tracker in the package and track its progress in real time.

Track Vans and Pickups

Locate Pallets, Tools, Equipment, Packages With BLE Tags or Mini Battery Trackers

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