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Sales Rep Tracking Software & GPS Employee Tracking

GPS tracking provides a transparent record of staff movements, ensuring accountability for their time and activities. It helps employers ensure reps are spending their time efficiently and engaging with clients.

Managers can easily identify opportunities for route optimization, leading to reduced travel time, lower fuel costs, and more time in front of clients. Set up geofences to receive alerts for arrivals, departures, and length of stay at clients site.

Our Phone Tracking app and plug-in vehicle tracker are the most common methods our customers use monitor sales and professional staff. GPS tracking enhances the safety and security of staff by enabling managers to monitor their whereabouts in real-time. In case of emergencies or unexpected situations, managers can quickly locate and assist team members.

GPS data can be used to evaluate sales staff performance based on metrics such as the number of client visits and time spent at each location. This information can help identify top performers and areas where additional training or support may be needed.

By collecting GPS data over time, managers can gain valuable insights into sales trends, customer preferences, and market opportunities.

Track Vehicles with Simple to Install Plug-in Trackers

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