Construction Equipment Tracker & Heavy Machinery Tracking

Construction & Heavy Machines

Reduce Fuel and Rental Costs, Increase Worker Safety, Improve Operational Efficiency

Construction & Heavy Machines

Btracking helps to optimize asset utilization, reduce fuel consumption, and prevent theft. Never lose tools and portable equipment with our construction equipment tracker and heavy machinery solutions.

Increased Asset Utilization: Real-time monitoring of your fleet’s performance, efficiency, and location. By tracking asset usage patterns, you can identify opportunities to optimize utilization and ensure that vehicles and equipment are deployed effectively.

Reduced Fuel Consumption: Our platform helps identify and address inefficiencies that contribute to excessive fuel consumption, such as excess idling. By receiving alerts and insights into fuel usage patterns, you can implement strategies to minimize fuel waste and reduce operational costs.

Theft Prevention: Btracking offers theft prevention features such as starter interrupt, which can remotely disable a vehicle’s ignition in the event of unauthorized use or theft, plus instant alarms when equipment moves. This added layer of security helps protect your valuable assets and minimize the risk of losses due to theft.

Engine Run Time: Run time provides insight into vehicle usage patterns and maintenance needs. Schedule preventive maintenance more effectively and prolong the lifespan of your fleet.

Arrival and Departure Alerts: Receive notifications when vehicles arrive at or depart from designated locations, enabling you to track operations in real-time and ensure efficient workflow management.

Customized Solutions: Btracking offers a wide range of device styles and configurations to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re on the job site or off, our tailored solutions provide comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities to keep your fleet operating at peak performance.

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