Reefer Temperature Monitoring Device

Food & Beverage, Cold Chain

Container and Product Climate Monitoring by Dispatch and Drivers

Reefer temperature monitoring device Food Industry Tracking Solutions by Btracking

Food & Beverage, Cold Chain

Btracking helps reduce product loss and ensure climate consistency for perishable cargo. Find out which reefer temperature monitoring device fits your needs below.

Real-Time Temperature, Humidity: Continuous, real-time temperature and humidity monitoring for your most valuable and perishable cargo to ensure products remain within the desired climate range throughout the transportation process, minimizing the risk of spoilage or damage.

Generator Fuel Level Monitoring: Continuous fuel level monitoring with low fuel warning ensures stable climate control.

Accurate Records: Detailed logs of temperature readings provides a comprehensive record for compliance and customer expectations.

Alerts for Deviations: Instant alerts notify dispatchers and drivers of climate measurements deviating from the specified range so prompt action can be taken to prevent product loss or damage.

Wired and Wireless Temperature Monitoring Sensors: Our platform supports both wired and wireless temperature monitoring sensors.

Integration with DriverLink App: Btracking integrates with the DriverLink app, enabling drivers to receive immediate sensor alerts directly on their phones and can take appropriate action to mitigate risks during transit.

Customer Communication: Share estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) with customers to exceed their expectations and enhance satisfaction.

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