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Track Portable Equipment, Pallets, Packages, Small Items

Multiple Ways to Keep Track of Small Items

You need to know where your small things are and Btracking lets you see them, on your phone or PC. We have many options for tracking items such as portable equipment, pallets and packages.

BLE tags (bluetooth low energy) are read when in range (usually up to 200 ft) of a BLE-equipped GPS tracking device or phone, which in turn transmits the tag location to the platform. These are great for tracking tools and packages that are typically dropped off and picked up.

Our Mini Battery Tracker has many uses, including GPS package tracking. Small and light, it’s powerful model and battery can grab locations even when buried deep inside a warehouse.

Small battery trackers are also ideal for equipment and pallets that are mostly outdoors. Equipment and pallet trackers are powered by replaceable batteries, or by batteries rechargeable with a plug-in charger, or by batteries that are rechargeable by a solar panel on the tracker. Learn more about our equipment and pallet tracker solutions below.

The LoRa (long range wifi) System is ideal for warehouses and yards

Tracking indoor items is possible with battery powered GPS trackers where there is sufficient GPS and cell network signal strength available in the building. 

Another method for tracking indoor items, such as medical equipment is to map (via an app) the existing WiFi transmitter locations in the building. With this method both the position on the floor and the floor level itself can be sent to the platform. Contact Btracking for more information. 

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BLE Tags - Locate Pallets, Tools, Equipment, Packages Within Range

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Replaceable or Rechargeable GPS Battery Trackers?

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Solar Trackers for Outdoor Equipment

Solar GPS tracker for outdoor equipment

LoRa Yard Management System

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Indoor Tracking, Medical/Hotel Equipment

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