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Thanks for a good summer of services! I received a lot of good words about how easy the website was to navigate and track the whereabouts of our employees. Next summer will get a lot more devices activated.
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Btracking Solution-Heavy Machinery GPS tracking

Heavy Machinery Tracking

Why Track Machines with GPS?

Machines are costly assets that need to be working to generate ROI. They might sit idle in remote areas where vandalism can happen. With Btracking you’ll know where assets are, when they startup/shutdown, when they move, where they’ve been.

With our intuitive, powerful platform, real time alerts and mobile apps, you can view location, usage, alarms and more. All alongside your vehicles, trailers, equipment, tools and smartphones. Find out more about our heavy machinery tracking solutions below.

Track Moving Machines such as Construction Machines, Road Signs, Generators, Tractors, Farm Machines, Oil Rig Equipment, Airport Ground Equipment.

Keep Tabs on Stationary Equipment including Generators, Pumping Equipment, Liquid Storage Tanks.

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Hybrid Machine Trackers

heavy machinery tracking made easy with Btracking

Solar & Solar Hybrid Machine Trackers

Battery Machine Trackers

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Heavy machinery GPS tracking platform