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One of our company vans was stolen. Fortunately, we were able to retrieve it using the Btracking GPS tracking unit which we have had installed for a couple of years now. We use GPS tracking for service calls, to see which employee is nearest the location of the call. Never did we think that we would use it for this purpose. Btracking took us straight to the location and minimal damage was done thanks to the precise location it gave. So glad we took the steps to put Btracking GPS tracking units into all of our company vehicles. Thank you Btracking!
D.M., US Electric
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Track Cars, Vans & Light Trucks

Why Track Fleets with GPS?

GPS, the Global Positioning Satellite network, is a highly cost-effective way of keeping track of your vehicles and drivers – and the tools, cargo, equipment on board.

GPS trackers have a GPS modem and a cell modem. Trackers use the GPS network to obtain location data about every 30 seconds or less when moving (less often when stopped), which the tracker transmits via wireless network to the mapping platform. Btracking trackers connect to the strongest local network, be it Verizon, T-Mobile AT&T or a local provider. And the data plan is always included!

Plug-in trackers provide locations and vehicle data. Concerned about theft or the tracker being removed? Hide the plug-in tracker with a Y-cable. Or use a hardwired tracker and be informed when doors are opened or lights are on. Or mount a mini battery tracker with screws or magnets. You have many options! 

GPS tracking lets you see where everything is, right now. And where it’s been, where it stopped, and for how long. It also lets you monitor the health and status of your vehicles and the performance of your drivers with Driver Scorecard.

If you’re looking to gain more control over your mobile assets, our fleet vehicle trackers will help your business get vehicles where they need to go in less time, safely and with less cost. In other words, more productivity, happier customers and a bigger bottom line.

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  • Hard Braking
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Unsafe Cornering
  • Speeding Over Limit
  • Driver ID’d
  • Driver Not Authorized
  • After Hours Use
  • Tools / Equipment Picked Up / Dropped Off
  • Device Disconnected / Reconnected
  • Geofence (job site, parking area, etc.) Entry / Exit
  • Excessive Engine Idling
  • Ignition On / Off
  • Stop Time Exceeded
  • Potential Accident
  • Service / Maintenance Reminder
  • DTC Code (Check Engine Light On)
  • Coolant Temperature High
  • Low Battery
  • Low Fuel
  • PTO (Power Take Off)
  • And More…
Btarcking Schedule & Log Maintenance Activity
Btracking, Protect Against Theft with Geofences around yards, warehouses, and lots
Btracking Refrigerated Cargo Temperature Sensing & Alerts, Motion Start/Stop Alerts