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AI Dashcams

Dashcams with warnings for following too close, driver distracted and much more

Btracking Platforms for Desktop and Mobile

When it comes to finding a GPS tracking platform, at Btracking we do NOT believe one size fits all. Unlike providers that cram you into their platform loaded with complicated features you don’t need, and don’t have features you do need, we have three Tracking Platforms, Standard, LBS and Pro Fleeteach tailored to the specific needs of YOUR business.

Btracking platforms powered by Google Maps™ are your real time control centers for Fleet Management, Asset & Staff Tracking, Cold Chain Management, HOS Compliance, Driver Safety and Tool & Inventory tracking.

Standard Platform: The Standard GPS Tracking Platform is ideal for most fleets offering functionality for grouping and organizing, complete vehicle data, driver ID, driver safety monitoring and scoring, fuel monitoring, vehicle maintenance, notifications, reports and basic tool tracking and much more. The Standard Platform is modular so you can easily tailor it to show the data and views you need, and not encumber you with those you don’t need. It’s highly intuitive with hover over help tips.

LBS Platform: The LBS GPS Tracking Platform is our original platform. It’s ideal for small fleets, staff phone tracking and basic AI dashcam video monitoring. Plus it offers driver ID, driver scorecard, vehicle data, hot spots and customizable notifications.

Pro Fleet Platform: The Pro GPS Tracking Platform is our powerful, comprehensive platform for fleets and/or sophisticated requirements. Pro Fleet features is a fully integrated streamlined platform with dedicated GPS hardware. In-vehicle, the GPS Tracker are AI Dashcam are wirelessly connected over wifi. Drivers can be assisted with immediate voice and/or visual warnings. The state of the art Driver Safety Center provides automated video download of driving events and seamlessly integrates with the Driver Scoreboard for the ultimate in driver safety training sessions.

Pro Fleet provides advanced tool and inventory tracking, the low-cost LoRa yard management system, and extensive BLE sensor monitoring. DriverLink app with 2 way communication lets drivers view detailed data on their vehicle and cargo conditions with immediate warnings if a temperature is out of threshold or a tool is left behind. Pro Fleet has fuel card integration, advanced maintenance scheduling and record keeping, route planning, dispatch and route sharing; school bus & passenger tracking along with the ParentLink app that lets parents and guardians monitoring bus ETA and student/passenger dropoffs and pickups.

Talk to us today to learn how Btracking can optimize the performance and safety of your mobile assets and save money for your business.

Btracking Platforms

Btracking Basic Tracking Platform Solution

Standard Platform

Ideal for most fleets. Modular, easy-to-use, customizable so you can see only what you need to.

Mobile & Desktop GPS Tracking Platform

LBS Platform

Great for small fleets, staff phone tracking, dashcam video monitoring.

GPS Tracking and Telematics Platform By Btracking

Pro Fleet Platform

Powerful features with our outstanding Driver Safety Center, cargo monitoring, tool tracking, dispatch, school bus/passenger montiring & more.