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Complete Visibility of Every Moving Item

Enhance your fleet management capabilities with Btracking’s fleet tracking platform and our advanced, affordable tracking devices. Experience seamless real-time tracking and monitoring for all your vehicles, trucks, trailers, and equipment. You’ll have the tools to boost productivity, control fuel expenses, coach drivers to improve safety, reduce vehicle wear and tear, streamline maintenance, and most importantly, improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability. Learn more about our GPS vehicle tracking fleet management solutions below.

Btracking Alerts

  • Harsh Braking
  • Fast Acceleration
  • Unsafe Cornering
  • Speeding Over Limit
  • Driver ID’d
  • Driver Not Authorized
  • After Hours Use
  • Tools / Equipment Picked Up
  • Dropped Off
  • Device Disconnected / Reconnected
  • Geofence (job site, parking area, etc.)
  • Entry / Exit
  • Excessive Engine Idling
  • Ignition On / Off
  • Stop Time Exceeded
  • Potential Accident
  • Service / Maintenance Reminder
  • DTC Code (Check Engine Light On)
  • Coolant Temperature High
  • Low Battery
  • Low Fuel
  • PTO (Power Take Off)
  • And More…

Discover How Btracking Helps Improve Your Business

Top rated fleet vehicle trackers

Cars, Vans & Light Trucks

Everything you need to track your vehicle fleet.

Truck telematics & GPS tracking

Truck Tracking

Advanced fleet telematics for the trucking industry.

Driver ID solutions

Driver ID

Automatically ID drivers, stop  unauthorized drivers from entering or starting a vehicle.

AI Dashcam Solutions by Btracking

Safety with AI Dashcam

Automatically capture driving events on video. AI learning assists drivers with in-cab alerts.

Btracking GPS Tracker For Trailers & GPS Container Tracker

& Containers

Protect valuable cargo even if unattended for long periods.

Btracking Solution-Heavy Machinery GPS tracking


Keep costly machines working and secured.

Pallet tracker solutions and GPS package tracking

Portable Equipment, Pallets, Packages

Easily track even the smallest items.

Btracking offers easy tool tracking


Never lose another tool. Driver is notified if a tool is left behind.

Btracking Phone Tracker

Mobile Phone

Turn any cell phone or mobile device into a GPS tracker.

Personal GPS trackers for work and family


Protection for lone workers, family members, seniors, teens and kids.

Btracking School & Passenger Bus Solution

School Bus &
Student Tracking

Monitor route completion. Guardians see bus ETA with pickup/dropoff notification.

Cold chain monitoring and tracking

Cold Chain

IoT Cold Chain Temperature & Humidity Monitoring with Location Tracking.

Btracking Yard and Facility Monitoring Soluions

Yard & Facility

Local network pinpoints equipment and inventory in the yard at a fraction of the cost.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management Solutions

Driver Communication

2-way communication, tool/cargo dropoff alerts, sensor reports, track driver phone.

Solar powered shipping container lock

SolarLock Remote Unlocking with GPS

Locks & tracks assets with solar power, unlocks remotely or on site.

Cargo Load

Monitor trailer load, dropoff/pickup alerts, sensor reports, door open/close.


Streamline operations and simplify FMCSA compliance.