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Thanks for a good summer of services! I received a lot of good words about how easy the website was to navigate and track the whereabouts of our employees. Next summer will get a lot more devices activated.
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Driver ID solutions

Multiple Ways to Automatically ID Drivers

Fleet Managers needs to know who’s driving. Our driver ID solutions offer managers an easy way to do it.

Btracking offers multiple ways to automatically identify the driver. We’ve got push button key fobs, RFID/HID cards, iButtons (dallas keys), and passive BLE tags. In many cases you can use your existing RFID/HID cards and key fobs!

Or use an AI Dashcam with a driver facing camera. Ask us about facial recognition – we’ll have that soon.

Optionally, add a relay to prevent an unauthorized driver from opening the doors or starting the vehicle. Ask us about wireless relays, we have those too.

Features & Benefits

Driver ID with a Push Button Key Fob

Driver ID with a RFID/HID Card and Card Reader

Driver ID with Passive iButton (Dallas Key) and iButton Reader

Driver ID with iBeacon

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