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Pennsylvania Plumbing Contractor Improves Efficiency with Unauthorized Use Alerts, DriverLink App and Driver Scorecard

Plumbing contractor improves efficiency with Unauthorized Use alerts and Driver Scorecard

How a Plumbing Contractor Uses Unauthorized Use Alerts, DriverLink App and the Driver Scorecard

Btracking helps dozens of plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical contracting businesses across the U.S., Canada and in several other countries to track and manage their fleets.

One Plumbing Contractor customer in Pennsylvania has a fleet of about 40 service vehicles. The Operations Manager uses Btracking every day to plan service routes for the day’s jobs, assign drivers and vehicles to those jobs and routes, dispatch the vehicles, stay in communication with the drivers as jobs are completed, and attend to the inevitable emergency calls.


After Hours Unauthorized Use Alert Comes in Handy

As a company owned fleet, the Ops Manager also is interested to know when vehicles are used outside regular hours. Almost all the time it’s an important emergency call, but it also helps the manager spot when employees might be using company vehicles and equipment for unauthorized side jobs. Btracking’s Unauthorized Use alert is the answer – the Ops Manager sets the work schedule for each group of vehicles, and gets a text alert whenever a vehicle moves outside those hours. usually a quick call or communication via the DriverLink app is all it takes to verify that the driver is working a call, or has a legitimate need for using the company vehicle. However, there has been at least one instance of an employee repeatedly using a company vehicle for personal side jobs, which resulting in disciplinary action having to be assessed.


Easily Reassigning Vehicles When Running Late and Driver Scorecard Competitions

This business uses idling alerts to cut down on wasted fuel and fueling reports to make sure all fuel spend is used only for company vehicles, and is considering adding the Fuel Card feature to track and confirm fuel spending vs. the fueling notifications provided by Btracking’s GPS trackers. The Ops Manager raves about the positive impact that the Btracking’s Driver Scorecard has had on driver performance. In the past, some drivers would drive “rather aggressively” to get to appointments on time, especially if they were delayed at a previous job site. With Btracking’s complete real-time fleet view, the Ops Manager can much more easily redirect another vehicle to a job when the scheduled vehicle is running late. This led to some minor accidents and traffic tickets actually slowing down overall response and increasing costs. The Ops Manager tells us that the Drier Scorecard and competition amongst drivers for a good score “has really cut down on speeding and aggressive driving. Drivers are competing to be acknowledged as a top scoring driver, and it’s made a real difference in reducing the wear and tear on our vehicles.”


Moving Forward with Btracking

This company has a Btracking GPS vehicle tracker in every vehicle, and is now installing Btracking on company mobile phones to provide an even more complete picture. For more information on how Btracking can help your business, contact us today.

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