Mini Battery GPS Tracker w/Built-in Magnet


Two Options to Buy:

No Equipment Fee – No fee for the Tracker. Just an Activation Fee, plus the first & last months’ Tracking Subscription fee. Return the Tracker to end the monthly tracking subscription. Monthly subscription $13.95.

Purchase the Tracker – Get 2 months’ Tracking Subscription free with purchase. Pause or end the monthly tracking subscription anytime. Monthly Subscription $12.95.

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Thieves can’t remove what they can’t find
Forget those AAA battery trackers, these are the real deal. You won’t have to worry about lost locations caused by a weak signal from a weak battery.
Track anything that moves. Easy to hide. Mounts anywhere with a powerful magnet, or screw it on.
Replaceable batteries with the highest voltage and energy, longest storage, and lowest self-discharge rate in the industry. A powerful signal that lasts up to 5 years before you need to swap the battery.

Replaceable Battery, 2 months’ tracking subscription included.

Small Footprint, Great For Trailers, Autos, Containers, Small Machines/Tools, Pallets
Multi-Technology Location Acquisition Locating capabilities via GPS, GNSS, BLE 5.0 and WiFi
Indoor Geolocation Capable with WiFi, BLE
Long Life Battery Replaceable Li-Ion battery lasts up to 3 years at 1 report/day
On/Off switch extends battery life when device not in use
Bolt Holes plus Integrated Magnet Mount

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