Mini Solar GPS Tracker


Two Options to Buy:

No Equipment Fee – No fee for the Tracker. Just an Activation Fee, plus the first & last months’ Tracking Subscription fee. Return the Tracker to end the monthly tracking subscription. Monthly subscription $13.95.

Purchase the Tracker – Get 2 months’ Tracking Subscription free with purchase. Pause or end the monthly tracking subscription anytime. Monthly Subscription $12.95.

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Stays Charged Up to 10 Years
Solar is rapidly becoming the go-to way to track non-powered assets like trailers and containers.
Devices keep getting smaller, batteries keep lasting longer. With just 6 hours of sunlight a day your tracker stays fully charged for up to 10 years, possibly more. And even with no sunlight at all, batteries keep sending locations for 12+ months on a single full charge.
Installs in seconds with a powerful magnet mount or screws on in minutes.

Solar Harvesting Rechargeable Battery
Small Footprint Solar Harvesting Rechargeable Battery
For Trailers, Containers, Assets that sit idle for long periods or move occasionally
3 Axis Accelerometer Wakes on movement
Light Sensor removal alarm
Single Charge Lasts approx 4-6 Months at 2 messages/day

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