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Deluxe Solar Hybrid GPS Tracker


Our Full Featured Multi-Configuration Solar Powered GPS Tracker. Tracks Vehicles Machines, Trailers, Containers. Ideal for assets that sit idle for long periods.

Get 2 months’ Tracking Subscription free with purchase. Pause or end the monthly tracking subscription anytime. Monthly Subscription $12.95.

Add optional Magnets for magnet mounting, or Adhesive Strip.

See Terms & Conditions for details.


Solar is rapidly becoming the go-to way to track non-powered assets like trailers and containers.
Devices keep getting smaller, batteries keep lasting longer. With just 6 hours of sunlight a day your tracker stays fully charged for up to 10 years, possibly more. And even with no sunlight at all, batteries keep sending locations for 12+ months on a single full charge.

Installs in seconds with a powerful magnet mount or screws on in minutes. Optional power harness for added charging when power is available.

Multiple Configurations:

Trailer, Container, Asset Configuration: For assets that sit idle for long periods
Vehicle Configuration: Behaves as a vehicle tracker recognizing ignition on/off either with vehicle power or without
Machine Configuration: Operates as a vehicle tracker when machine is moving, as an asset tracker with no vehicle battery drain when machines sit idle for long periods
ZigBee Configuration: For tracking items on ships

3 Axis Accelerometer Wakes on movement, driver behavior, speed, mileage, virtual odometer, temperature, other sensors
Very Large Battery Single charge lasts 8-10 months at 2 messages/day
Options 12v/24v Power Connector for wired ignition on/off recognition and recharging capability; Bluetooth, ZigBee, configurable i/o interfaces

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 4.8 × 1.1 in