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Solar Powered Remote Electronic Unlocking GPS Tracker

Unlocks remotely via SMS or platform command, and in the field by RFID card, phone app (BLE), SMS. Tough Enclosure Resists tampering and harsh environments.

Get 2 months’ Tracking Subscription free with purchase. Pause or end the monthly tracking subscription anytime. Monthly Subscription $12.95.

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Electronic Lock with GPS Tracking, Unlocks Remotely and On Site

Concerned about cargo theft from trailers, containers, boxcars? Worried about someone breaking in to your offsite machines and equipment? Consider our SolarLock GPS Tracker!

SolarLock can be unlocked remotely via the platform or SMS. Up close, it unlocks via a phone app, an RFID card. Add wireless sensors for monitoring temperature and humidity.

Tough Enclosure Resists tampering and harsh environments.
Long-life Solar Rechargeable Battery, perfect for tracking and safeguarding containers, trailers, trucks, etc.
Alarms via SMS or email for events such as locking, unlocking, and lock tampering.
Remote Unlocking via command from the Btracking Platform or via SMS from a phone.
On Site Unlocking via RFID card, Phone App, sensor or SMS.
SolarLock has BLE (bluetooth low energy) built in to support sensors for temperature, humidity, doors, and wireless relays.

Additional information

Weight 37 oz
Dimensions 8.2 × 4.4 × 1.9 in