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Y-Cable 12″ Both Sides


OBDII Y-Cable Splitter/Port Replicator, 12″ both sides


Hide your OBDII Plug-in Tracker with a Y-Cable. It takes just a few minutes with a Y-cable. Here are the steps. 
Locate the OBD port. Most often, it’s located at the base of the dash, left of the steering column. The port is secured in a bracket. Grab the port and squeeze the tabs on each side (you might need a screwdriver to help depress the tabs). Then push it out of the bracket.
Plug the Y-cable into the vehicle’s OBD port. The Y-cable has a (male) connector on one side and a (female) replica OBD port on the other. 
Plug the tracker into the (male) connector on the Y-cable.
Push the (female) replica OBD port into the bracket, making sure the tabs click to secure it.
Now push the original OBD port with the tracker back into the dash.
Secure the long end of the extender to the vehicle’s dedicated OBD-II mount.

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Weight 6 oz