Price Transparency

At Btracking we offer two ways to acquire many of our products: “No Equipment Fee” and “Equipment Purchase”. What’s the difference?

“No Equipment Fee” (vs) “Equipment Purchase”
and what Competitors Don't Mention

We encourage you to compare Btracking with competitors offering “No Fee” equipment and ask how their plans work. They might tell you or they might not, but “No Fee” means rental, and all rentals work the same way generally, so we’ve prepared the following comparison to show your how our subscriptions work so you can make an informed decision when acquiring your equipment.

“No Equipment Fee” (vs) “Equipment Purchase”

 “No Equipment Fee” Subscription“Equipment Purchase” Subscription
Rent or Own?“No Equipment Fee” is equipment rental. Your monthly subscription fee includes both use of the cloud-based fleet management platform, and rent for the device. You don’t own the device, Btracking maintains title to it.You own the device. Your subscription covers use of the platform only.
Used or New?As the “No Equipment Fee” is a rental subscription, the device you receive might have been used by another customer. It may be an older model.Device is brand new.
Activation Fee?An “Activation Fee” is usually charged to cover the setup costs of preparing the device for use, i.e., insert & activate sim, load configuration program, test the device, create your account and the item profiles on your tracking platform.Setup costs are included in the device price, there is no activation fee.
Upfront Subscription Charge?We require first and last months’ subscription in advance and do not offer any free months.With most devices we give you 2 months’ free subscription to the platform included in your device purchase price.
Subscription Price?

$13.95/month. The “No Equipment Fee” subscription is available for a selection of equipment.

$12.95/month for most devices.
100 day money back guarantee.100 day money back guarantee.
Warranty?Lifetime Warranty as long as you are paying the monthly subscription.Lifetime warranty applies to a device for which a continuous subscription has been maintained. If you stop a monthly subscription for a purchased device, the warranty term becomes one year from date of device purchase.
Pause/Stop Tracking Subscription?

With “No Equipment Fee” you must return the device to us in good working condition, because it’s our property and you’re no longer paying the rent for it.

If you don’t return it, or if you do return it and we find it has been opened, shows evidence of tampering, if programming has been edited or changed in any way by anyone other than Btracking, if it has been used for a purpose for which it is not intended or designed for, or is damaged, we’ll charge you a buyout fee.

Subscription may also be stopped or transferred to an “Equipment Purchase” Subscription by paying the buyout fee.

You can pause your subscription anytime for a small fee of $2/month. We charge this fee because we keep your data stored on our platform so it’s available if/when you reactivate; and, we suspend the data plan temporarily so you can keep the same sim without needing to install a new sim or change phone numbers.
Resume Service after Pause/Stop?You’ll have to order another tracker from us and pay the activation fee again.

You can un-pause and resume service anytime without charge.

If you terminated service with us and wish to restore it at a later time, we just need to reactivate your account and sim. We charge a $25 fee for this service.

Switch to Another Provider?You cannot transfer your tracking service to another platform provider.You can switch your equipment to another tracking provider (if the other provider will accommodate).

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