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We have been using Btracking for several years now. The tracking is easy to set up. It is a valuable asset for keeping vehicle maintenance records. Customer service is very responsive to questions and resolving problems.
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Btracking offers top-rated equipment tracking devices, advanced GPS tool tracking, vehicle tracking, and more to satisfy your business’s tracking needs. You’ll always know where your staff and equipment is, what job they’re on, where they’ve been and how long they stayed. Plus, you’ll keep track of every tool and portable equipment.

Increased Efficiency: Optimize routes, reducing idle time, and streamlining operations, to ensure the business operates at maximum efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction: Track tools and portable equipment with Btracking’s toll tracking solutions. Never lose another tool.

Driver Safety: Get alerts for speeding, harsh braking, and other risky behaviors. By promoting safe driving habits and providing coaching when necessary, you can reduce the risk of accidents and protect your drivers and assets.

Expense Management: Tracking fuel purchases, maintenance costs, and other expenses to identify areas where costs can be minimized and implement strategies to control spending.

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