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AI Dashcam


Road & Driver Facing Cams, 128GB rear/64GB driver SD. AI Event Detection Video Analytic technology captures road dangers and unsafe driving. Audio & Visual Alerts Provides audio feedback and warnings to proactively correct risky driving as it occurs.

Options to add 2 cameras and an in-cab mini alert display. Contact us for pricing.

Monthly Subscription from $29.95.

See Terms & Conditions for details.


Safer Drivers, Fewer Worries, Better Productivity

60% fewer collisions. Don’t wait any longer to outfit your fleet with AI dashcams.
Drivers get immediate audio (and optional visual) alerts for tailgating, phone use, fatigue and more. AI can alert drivers of pedestrians about to cross, of approaching a stop sign too fast, and warns of traveling faster than the speed limit on the sign they’re approaching.

And critically, AI warns drivers of potential accidents about to occur and helps the driver to take immediate action.

Fleet Managers have a Safety Dashboard with driver-facing and road-facing video streams (plus optional side and rear views). Risky driving events are all there with video clips ready to download for review. Or, search through the thumbnails and find a clip of interest.

With Driver Scorecard plus video, your managers have the necessary tools to discuss driver performance in an informed manner, acknowledge good habits, and make a real impact in coaching needed improvements.

Features & Benefits
Warns of Impending Dangers
Instant Auto Downloading of Events
Live Streaming
Detects Phone Use, Fatigue, Tailgating
Real Time Audio & Visual Driver Alerts
Easy Plug-in Installation

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Weight 10.4 oz