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Telematics ELD and HOS E-Log Requirements

Telematics ELD with the DriverLog HOS app

Are You Familiar with Telematics ELD and HOS E-Logs?

In this post, we will be covering some important information pertaining to Telematics ELD e-Logs and HOS requirements.


What are Electronic Driver Logbooks?

Electronic Driver Logs, or e-Logs, are designed to eliminate manual paperwork, reduce traffic violations and minimize audit risks. By automating driver logs, fleet managers have the ability to easily track vehicle mileage logs and strengthen their fleet’s compliance regulations.  In other words, communications are facilitated in an instantaneous manner.


What is an Telematics ELD HOS e-Log Solution?

Hours of service (HOS) for drivers in the commercial transportation industry is a series of regulations issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). For drivers operating a commercial motor vehicle for interstate (in the United States) or inter-provincial (in Canada) commerce, the HOS regulations will govern their allowable driving hours. A Telematics ELD (electronic logging device) is actually a software solution that automatically captures and logs a driver’s hours of services, monitors compliance with all regulations of both the United States and Canada, and provides automated warnings and notifications to the driver to ensure compliance. This software can run on any mobile device such as a mobile phone, however it is highly preferable to use a dedicated device for this purpose. A Telematics ELD solution thus fulfills government regulations by fully automating the entry, recording, completion and storage of all the information required for logbooks from the driver’s cab.


Btracking’s Telematics ELD Solutions

Btracking’s Telematics ELD is an elegant solution. Our DriverLog HOS app runs on any smartphone or dedicated tablet to smoothly manage your drivers log books. Btracking provides 3 methods to transmit and sync HOS and vehicle data to the Btracking GPS tracking platform.

GPS Tracker with WiFi

  • DriverLog app running on any mobile device or dedicated tablet transmits HOS data to the GPS tracker in-cab via wifi
  • The GPS tracker transmits HOS data, along with vehicle data, to the platform
  • Economical ELD solution – combines real-time vehicle location, wireless sensor data, and ELD HOS compliance with a built-in WiFi Hotspot

GPS Tracker with BLE or USB Cable

  • DriverLog app running on any mobile device or dedicated tablet sends HOS data to GPS tracker in-cab via BLE or a USB cable
  • GPS Tracker transmits HOS data, along with vehicle data, to the platform
  • Similar to the above, just fewer features for transmitting sensor data and no WiFi Hotspot

Dedicated BlueLink ELD Device with BLE – No Need for a GPS Tracker

  • BlueLink ELD device that plugs into the vehicle ECM and sends GPS and vehicle data via BLE to the DriverLog app running on any mobile device or dedicated tablet
  • The mobile device transmits HOS data to the platform
  • Works with any vehicle – reads J1939/J1708 & OBDII with a variety of plug & play cable options
  • Ideal as a Standalone Solution or with Existing Telematics System. For fleets needing HOS compliance only, BlueLink plugs into the vehicle’s ECM without interfering with your existing telematics installation


Btracking HOS Benefits

HOS e-Logs are more seamless than ever with Btracking’s trusted Telematics ELD HOS DriverLog app. Compliant with all regulations in both the United States and Canada, Btracking customers have the choice of a fully integrated system -a GPS tracker that connects to the vehicle’s engine electronic control module, and to the DriverLog app via Wifi, BLE or a USB cable – or simply a standalone BlueLink ELD device that collects data from the vehicle and sends it to the DriverLog app and on to the platform via the mobile device. Automation of required information for driver logbooks streamlines data entry and storage, saving time and eliminating errors associated with manual entries and audits.

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