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New No Equipment Fee Plan Makes GPS Tracking for Small Business Affordable

Bttracking, New No Equipment Fee Plan Makes GPS Tracking for Small Business Affordable

New No Equipment Fee Plan Makes GPS Tracking for Small Business Affordable

Running a small business with fleet vehicles can be a challenge. Small companies face an environment where the business must offer competitive products or services while controlling operating costs. Small businesses must focus on the bottom line to sustain and maintain profitability. And at the same time, produce the services or products that add value to the company. How to do this if you are a small business with a fleet? For example an electrical, HVAC, or plumbing contractor? A landscaping or pool service business? A delivery service? One way to increase productivity is to use a GPS tracking system from a reputable, experienced fleet tracking systems provider. GPS tracking for small business is becoming an essential tool for growing companies.


Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing Contractors, Landscapers, Pool Service – Not Just Large Fleets

GPS tracking systems may appear costly to small business owners, particularly when considering the initial expenses associated with obtaining and installing the necessary hardware. It is also possible that some may believe that tracking a small fleet is not beneficial and that GPS tracking is primarily intended for larger fleets. However, the truth is that every business, even those with just a few vehicles, can derive advantages from utilizing GPS tracking software. At Btracking, more than half of our customers have fleets consisting of fewer than 6 or 7 vehicles, and they experience a substantial return on their investment. These customers witness an increase in the number of service calls made per day, decreased travel time to and from calls, fuel savings, reduced vehicle wear and tear, fewer driving incidents, and improved driver safety. Furthermore, many of these customers also choose to incorporate asset tracking, as well as phone or personal tracking, into their service offerings.


No Need for Upfront Costs with Btracking No Equipment Fee Trackers

Btracking has a great option for small businesses that may struggle with the upfront cost of buying tracking hardware – No Equipment Fee! There’s no cost (other than a small activation fee) for a GPS plug-in vehicle tracker or a GPS mini battery powered asset tracker. Just return it to stop the service. That’s it! Btracking makes GPS tracking for small business simple and affordable. 


Low Monthly Pricing and No Contracts

Btracking offers the most competitively priced GPS tracking service for small businesses in the industry. With a strong presence in GPS Fleet Management telematics since 2008, we have established a reputation for exceptional customer service. Compare our services to any other GPS tracking service available. Enjoy the flexibility of no contractual obligations, allowing businesses to terminate the service at their convenience. In addition, Btracking provides a comprehensive 100-day money-back guarantee for complete peace of mind.


Great Fleet Management Tools for Small Business

Btracking offers a range of features that benefit small business owners, including GPS tracking for small businesses. One such feature is the Fuel Log Report, which helps reduce fuel expenses. By automatically detecting increases in a vehicle’s fuel level, indicating a fueling event, the small business owner can compare it with the driver’s actual fuel expenses. This allows for the identification of unwanted fueling behaviors, such as personal fuel purchases. Another valuable tool is Geofencing, which involves the use of virtual boundaries to track and optionally report or receive automatic notifications when a vehicle or person enters and exits designated areas, along with the duration of their stay. Additionally, Btracking provides after-hours or unauthorized use notices, mileage reports, and vehicle maintenance scheduling and tracking, making it a comprehensive solution for small businesses.


GPS Tracking for Small Business is a Cost Saving, Productivity-Boosting Necessity

Although small business GPS fleet tracking may appear to be a luxury at first, once the small business uses it, GPS tracking quickly turns into a cost saving, productivity boosting necessity. For more information on how Btracking can help your business, contact us today.

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